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The Rise of the Online Marketplaces

by Lioness Studio Owner and Designer

Posted on March 13, 2017 at 18:41 PM

Here at Lioness Studio we are experts in the digital worlds. We know that online is a place that so many businesses need to be. Whether it is your own website, social media or blogs, being visible online is incredibly important to the success of any business.

One area that those selling products should really be aware of are online marketplaces. Whether it is Etsy, eBay or Handmade Amazon, online marketplaces are becoming the place to sell and buy.

But what is behind the rise of online marketplaces and how can they be a huge benefit for those businesses that pride themselves on their handmade crafts?

What is an online marketplace?

In its most basic terms, an online marketplace is a virtual shop, a place that people can sell (and buy) specific products or services with ease. Accessing things that they could not find in their local stores.

It seems to have proven particular useful for those that sell handmade products, allowing them access to a global market.

Benefits of using an online marketplace

There are a number of benefits of using an online marketplace to sell your products. Here are just some of them:

Another place to sell

Having as many avenues as possible to sell your handmade products can only be a good thing. Therefore, it makes sense to add an online marketplace into the digital places that you sell.

Takes you global

With online marketplaces there is no restrictions on who can order from you. This means that you can sell to global customers with ease, attracting customers that you otherwise simply would not be able to reach.

Convenient for the customer

So many of us love online shopping, it is easy, can be done from the comfort of your own home and at any time. Offering sales through an online marketplace is a great way to allow protentional customers to buy your products with ease.

Builds trust

By buying through a trusted online marketplace such as Etsy or eBay, a customer can be assured that they are buying quality and that they are protected in their purchase. Perfect for those who need a little confidence push to buy!

Round the clock

Worried that you are missing out on sales by being closed? An online marketplace is the ideal place to sell. Open 24/7, you can be selling products and making money, even if you are asleep or on holiday.

So, if you are selling beautiful handmade products, why not check out the variety of online marketplaces that are out there? You may be surprised by just how many customers you can reach, and with the ease that you can sell to people around the globe.

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