Lioness Studio
About Us

LIONESS STUDIO consists of a group of people who love working with the computers and have a passion for ART and beauty. The idea of mixing HTML codes and art is what drives us to do what we do. As web designers, developers, graphic designers and videographers we plan, create and deliver work that makes you and us PROUD.

Our main work is DESIGNING WEBSITES and we take pride in that. We pay attention to detail on each page from the technical aspect to the graphical aspects. We offer advice in SOCIAL MEDIA and MARKETING as well as offer lesson to clients in order for you to be able to edit your own website. We value each client and are always happy to hear how best we can serve you.

The recent growth in touchscreen phones and tablets devices has directed a new way of designing websites. It is important now to ensure that web pages are responsive no matter what a type of device a viewer is using. This is something we consider when developing and designing.

As a team we also develop logo’s and offer social media support and advise.

Our Skills

Attention to Deails
Problem Solving

Here is a company that will take care of you.

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